Besson 1000 Euphonium - 3 Valve - Silver Plate


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Besson Series Euphonium - 3 Valve - Silver Plate

BE1062-2-0 1000 Series, 3 Valve Euphonium Outfit in a stunning Silver Plate finish, supplied with high quality moulded case.

The Besson 1000 Series euphonium is a professional instrument offering excellent tone production, even response and freeblowing throughout the register. Combining a rich, clear, centred tone, a reliable, fast and quiet valve action, with a comfortable playing position for both mouthpiece and finger, the Besson 1000 series euphonium provides a classic sound even in the hands of a less experienced player.
Features / Specification:
  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .579" (14.72mm)
  • 4 bottom sprung stainless
  • Steel valves
  • Non compensating
  • 2 water keys
  • Finishes: lacquer or bright silverplate
Detailed Product Info:

There is little to be said about the Besson Euphoniums that hasn’t been said already, but this is not something that makes the skilled engineers who build them or the scores of top players who Besson consult with take for granted. It is a luxury brand euphonium whose design has almost become timeless in its elegance, just as its characteristic tonal qualities have almost become synonymous with the name euphonium itself. These euphoniums stand out for their quality, classic design, reliability and their famous sound that enable the player to produce tones as beautiful as they imagine them to be. It’s this freedom of expression that has made these euphoniums the instruments of choice for many of the world’s leading players, soloists, brass band and wind band players. Within the range of Besson professional model euphoniums there is a wide range of choice available depending on your needs and preferences.

All professional Besson euphoniums are built at the state of the art factory in Markneukirchen Germany, ensuring their reliability and quality are always guaranteed. This gives the musician an instrument that they know has been constructed using the latest technology by highly skilled craftsmen who are the proud inheritors of a tradition of brass instrument making that goes back to the middle of the 19th century. You can be proud that the quality of today’s instruments makes them the finest that have ever been produced, with each one play tested and inspected in the minutest of details.