My Lord has Come - ISS



My Lord Has Come - A compilation of unaccompanied vocal reflections by The International Staff Songsters of The Salvation Army


  1. My Lord Has Come
  2. The Christ of Calvary
  3. Agnus Dei
  4. In the Cross
  5. God So Loved The World
  6. I Know a Fount
  7. Lord How I Love You
  8. Lux Aurumque
  9. My Treasure
  10. Kedron
  11. The Blue Bird
  12. Intercede, O Lord
  13. All in the April Evening
  14. The Quiet Heart
  15. O Magnum Mysterium
  16. Jesus Himself Drew Near
  17. The Lamb
  18. A Prayer for Courage
  19. O Love that will not let me go

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