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    The year 2020 should have been the year that the Amsterdam Staff Band (The Netherlands) and The Household Troops Band (UK) gave a unique joint concert. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus caused the cancellation of the Troops’ visit to The Netherlands and so the concert didn’t take place. However, in January 2020, both bands recorded a number of tracks for an album which would have been released at the concert.

    We’re delighted that we are now able to share these recordings of both bands with you. The repertoire is a mix of fine music, mostly new, some of it already published, but all with the deeper message of God’s love for us. We hope that you’ll be blessed, encouraged and uplifted when listening to this unique album. We trust it reminds you that together we are Christ’s hands and feet in this world. He needs us more than ever! May God bless you.

    Olaf Ritman
    Bandmaster – Amsterdam Staff Band

    1 Unified The Household Troops Band David Edmonds
    2 A Voice to Call Amsterdam Staff Band Jorgen IJsendorn
    3 Novella Amsterdam Staff Band – soloists Michael Rosenquist & Steef Klepke Jr. Ben Hollings
    4 The Break of Day The Household Troops Band Steven Ponsford
    5 Living Power The Household Troops Band Tom Davoren
    6 Evening Variations Amsterdam Staff Band Olaf Ritman
    7 All Creatures Praise The Household Troops Band Steven Ponsford
    8 Unbounded Love Amsterdam Staff Band Olaf Ritman
    9 My Unchanging Friend The Household Troops Band – soloist Anthony Smith Ivor Bosanko
    10 Corpus Christi The Household Troops Band Robert Redhead
    11 Cross-Rhythms Amsterdam Staff Band Steven Ponsford





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