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    The Household Troops Band of the Salvation Army, Carl Saunders & James Morley

    Following the success in 2016 of the band’s CD Musicals, which won the “British Bandsman Light Music CD of the Year” award, The Household Troops Band is pleased to present a second volume of music from the musicals genre, featuring more music for all to enjoy.


    Salvation Army Bands today feature a wide range of music – fairly recently the Salvation Army published new Christmas Carol Books for Bands, which sees many bands playing traditional carols alongside music from artists such as Wizzard, Slade and other secular tunes. The Household Troops Band is no exception, and has for some years featured a mix of religious and secular tunes as it attracted people to listen to the band outdoors. Over the years, several people have attended the Salvation Army for the first time having heard the band in the afternoon, and later enjoyed a more traditional Salvation Army Band festival including music, scripture and prayer. The band has a policy of “music without barriers”, using music in context, and as part of a whole programme aimed to proclaim the Gospel to all who hear them.

    1 Call of the Gospel
    2 This is me
    3 Memory
    4 Jesus Folk
    5 I don’t know how to love him
    6 Mary Poppins
    7 Climb ev’ry mountain
    8 I have a dream
    9 Don’t stop me now
    10 Over the rainbow
    11 I will follow him
    12 A million dreams
    13 A simple message
    14 The world’s greatest storyteller
    15 The candle of the Lord
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