William Booth in Canada: Descriptions of His Six Visits 1886-1907


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    Between 1886 and 1907 William Booth, General of The Salvation Army, made six visits to Canada. He did so for various reasons: to boost the morale of the new Territory, to promote his ‘Darkest England’ scheme, and to convince Canadian politicians of the value of his emigration plans. For Canadian Salvationists, however, these visits were opportunities to see and hear their leader, who had become one of the world’s leading evangelists. They were not disappointed. His magnetic personality, platform oratory and great sense of humour enthralled Canadians – Salvationists and non-Salvationists alike.

    In this book R.G. Moyles not only sets the stage for the visits themselves – describing the hectic pace and variety of activities engaged in from St. John’s to Victoria – but attempts to reveal something of the personality of this great man by capturing the essence of his sermons, sharing some of his stories, revealing his personal (often eccentric) habits and showing, through newspaper reports, what the Canadian public thought of Booth and his Salvation Army. It is a fascinating and illuminating journey.

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