Twenty Talks – Is God Smiling?


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    From the author:
    Poetry and music have long played their part in communal worship. The Old Testament Psalms are much loved, much read evidence of this. Written long before Jesus was born, they have – since his advent – become more and more meaningful to Christian believers. They serve to nourish us, and that is at the root of my offering this third small collection of plain Talks which might be found helpful if used for one’s private devotions or for small group discussion. Preachers are welcome to use or adapt or add to the material in any way thought useful.

    With them in mind I turn to the 1675 prayer beloved of Lancelot Andrewes entitled ‘A Caution Before Preaching’: ‘I beseech thee that loving-kindness may pre-vent and follow me to teach me the wholesome things I know not; to keep me in the true things I know; to correct me when I am in error; to confirm me when I waver; and to preserve me from falsehoods.’

    This is the third title in the series of Twenty Talks… Also available are The Brilliant Fool – Twenty Talks on the Gospels and Unmaking Enemies – Twenty Talks on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

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