Sanctified Sanity: The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle


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    Although many in the Wesleyanholiness tradition acknowledge the influence of Samuel Logan Brengle (18601936) on the early twentiethcentury holiness movement, very little theological reflection has been done on his teaching. Salvationists may still recognize Brengles name, but fewer appreciate the influence that his preaching had on the development of The Salvation Armys holiness theology.To address this general trend of neglect, Dr. R. David Rightmire, Professor of Bible and Theology at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, has written a theological reassessment of Brengles life and thought to reacquaint those of the Wesleyanholiness tradition, and others in general, with the legacy of this holiness apostle.Sanctified Sanity is not a typical biography but an examination of Brengles thought within the context of his life, spiritual journey, and global ministry. Emphasis is placed on Brengles understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification, which is the focus of his preaching and literary contributions.Dr. Rightmire presents the life and influence of this Salvationist saint in clear and winning prose. Although Brengles theology is not easily systematized, the author has organized his efforts in easytodigest thematic sections. He has included large portions of primary source material in his text, while thorough citations and other supporting material have been relegated to notes found at the end of the bookgenerously offered for further discussion of points of significance and their implications. The bibliography alone reveals the prolific nature of Brengles literary contribution.

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