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    The beautiful Irish folk tune Slane (T.B. 831) has long been associated with the words Be Thou My Vision by Eleanor Hull. This arrangement attempts to translate into music the experience we are going through in being removed from our normal expressions of worship and music ministry. The piece begins with a motif that represents distance and aloneness. As we hear each verse of the melody presented, from a prayerful nature to a rejoicing plea, this motif continues to be present. The piece concludes in a similar style to the opening but offers a sense of encouragement through the lyrics, “O Ruler of all.” Although we may feel isolated and alone, God is with us and we continue to pray for His vision and guidance in our lives today.


    Marcus Venables is principal cornet of the Canadian Staff Band and soldiers at Yorkminster Citadel. He graduated in 2017 from the University of Toronto with a degree in trumpet performance. As well as working with several local Toronto groups as a performer and soloist, Marcus has traveled to the United States, England, and Europe as both a soloist and conductor.
    In addition to playing, composition is a focus for Marcus. He has received various awards, publications, and commissions for his compositions for band, wind band, choral groups, and strings. His music has been recorded by numerous groups and has received premieres around the world. His true passion, however, is serving the Lord in whatever way possible. Marcus considers himself beyond blessed to be able to use music ministry as a way of worshipping, serving, and growing the kingdom