Glory! Hallelujah!


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    Aggressive and innovative evangelism–that was the hallmark of the early Canadian Salvation Army. Glory! Hallelujah! offers vivid descriptions of 10 distinctive (some would say “unique”) methods by which early Canadian Salvationists evangelized their communities. By open-air diversions and red-hot revivals; at Saturday evening musicals and at hallelujah weddings; in the magnificent Massey Hall and at Wells’ Hill summer camp meetings; and in the trenches of the First World War, they broadcast loud and clear the message of salvation. As members of Evangeline Booth’s bicycle brigade, known as the Red Crusaders; as salvation outriders in the mountains of British Columbia; as sanctified sailors on the coast of Newfoundland; and as pioneer missionaries at the Klondike gold rush, they put into practice William Booth’s first injunction, to “go to the people with the gospel.” That they did so with courage and conviction, this engaging and entertaining book makes abundantly clear.

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