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9780849948480Before AmenLucado, Max$24.99
9781616269913Bible – KJV – Outreach Bible PBBarbour Publishing$7.99
9780718002220Bible – KJV Strong’s Reference Bible HCThomas Nelson$63.99
9780718002244Bible – KJV Strong’s Reference Bible IL BlackThomas Nelson$93.99
9781612913803Bible – Message – The:Remix 2.0 – Zebra printPeterson, Eugene$53.99
9780310722274Bible – NIV – Boys Backpack – Walnut/AmberZondervan$29.99
9780310722120Bible – NIV – Bug Collection – Dragon FlyZondervan$29.99
9780310722137Bible – NIV – Bug Collection – Lady BugZondervan$29.99
9781414301754Bible – NLT – Abundant Life New TestamentTyndale$2.51
9781414329802Bible – NLT – Gospel of John English/SpanishTyndale$2.59
2015BOUND Boundless: The ExperienceSimms, Kevin; Mortlock, Paul$21.99
B-8180 Challenge & ResponseGariepy, Henry$8.99
9781593100513ChayatochaJohnson, Shane$9.99
9781590523643Christ Our MediatorMahaney, C.J.$10.99
9781593105815ColoradoDow, Rosey$8.97
9780974094076Come Join Our ArmyMurdoch, Norman H.$13.99
9780983148258Determined to ConquerSatterlee, Allen$9.99
9781400073788DragonlightPaul, Donita K$15.99
9780865440517Exploring WorshipTalmadge, Virginia E$36.50
9781576835371Faded Denim – True Colors #9Carlson, Melody$15.75
9781401601584Farm Fresh Southern CookingAlgood, Tammy$29.99
9781581347142Father’s Touch, ATada, Joni Eareckson$23.50
9780849919978Following Prince Caspian – Further Encounters with the Lion of NarniaWilliams, Thomas$2.99
9780854127818From Generation to GenerationStreet, Robert; Street, Janet $10.95
9780854128501From Her HeartClifton, Helen/Clifton, Shaw$12.95
9780854127672From Middle Aged Dad to Teenage DaughterSandercock-Brown, Grant$8.95
9780854128457General Wahlstrom – A Pilgrim’s SongWahlstrom, Jarl; Dalziel, Major David; Howes, Major Trevor; Mortlock, Paul; Tostevin, Jooles$12.95
9780854129317Girl With a Mind of Her Own, A $19.99
9780981266213God’s Personal StoryPilgrim, Dale W.$16.99
9781909196148Golden Pen, The – vol 2Klepke Jr, Steef$44.62
9780974094052Good Morning ChinaYee, Check-Hung$12.99
9780979226670Hallmarks of the Salvation ArmyGariepy, Henry; Court, Stephen$11.99
9780980676303Hallmarks of the Salvation ArmyGariepy, Henry; Court, Stephen$29.95
9780830834426Harvest of HopeStrom, Kay Marshall$18.99
9780310259275Heart’s PursuitHatcher, Robin Lee$19.99
9780892160136Heritage of HolinessVarious$4.25
9780854128600History, Harmony, and HumanitySteadman-Allen, Ray$16.99
9780980676327Holiness IncorporatedWebb, Geoff; Castle, Rowan; Court, Stephen$19.95
9780865440807Holistic HospitalityMiller III, Andy$9.99
9780888331207Holy war of Sally Ann, The (The Salvation Army in Canada)Collins, Robert$8.99
9781936034437How to be a Best Friend ForeverTownsend, John$25.99
9780834119284If Two Shall Agree: Paul and Kay RaderHunt, Carroll Ferguson$19.95
9780784719213I’m Glad I’m Your MotherHorlacher, Bill; Horlacher, Kathy$0.97
9780980676358In Her Own WordsKnaggs, Carolyn$12.99
9780983148296In the BalanceSatterlee, Allen$8.00
9781602608108Inspiring Thoughts for GardernersBarbour Publishing$2.99
9781483641720It is Appointed to MenPayton Family$2.99
9780958599177Just ImagineRoberts, Campbell; Strickland, Danielle$14.99
9781610979238Keeping FaithPallant, Dean$26.99
9780974094007Leadership on the Axis of ChangeYuill, Chick$13.95
9780892161133Life in the SpiritTillsley, Bramwell H$12.65
892161035Life of General William Both – 2 vol setBegbie, Harold$34.95
9781414313283Life Recovery Workbook, TheArterburn, Stephen; Stoop, David$9.99
9781596810099Love is a Gentle StrangerBacher, June Masters$9.99
9781596810105Love’s Beautiful DreamBacher, June Masters$9.99
9781596810112Love’s Soft WhisperBacher, June Masters$9.99
9780974094083Man With a Mission – Israel L. GaitherGariepy, Henry$16.50
9781590524312Marriage Under FireDobson, Dr. James$11.99
9780976846598Maud, Emma, EvangelineMoyles, Robert G.$2.99
9781460274279Miraculous HealingSturge, Max$15.99
9781602600027Moments of ComfortLandrum, Faye$9.99
9780892161201Most Effective Organization in the U.SWatson, Robert A. & Brown, Ben$6.75
9781911149132My Life in God’s HandsCoke, Nick$5.99
9780892161171My New SongBate, Carole Jeanne$27.95
9781877359040New LoveClifton, Shaw$29.95
9781883719005New People of God, ARhemick, John R$25.95
9780986524400Old Words, Short WordsRyan, Max$12.00
9781593102531Olympic MemoriesColeman, Lynn A.; Sattler, Gail; Panagiotopoulos, Melanie; Y’Barbo, Kathleen $5.99
9780892161287Other Woman, TheShade, JoAnn Streeter$9.95
9781595540393Outriders – Birthright Project Book 1Mackel, Kathryn$17.50
9781433682025Own It – Leaving Behind a Borrowed FaithDiMarco, Hayley; DiMarco, Michael$18.99
9780670030064Patches of Godlight – Father Tim’s Favorite QuotesKaron, Jan$35.99
9780987543882People’s General, The (A Tribute to General Eva Burrows)Davies, Mal; Volz, Dawn$49.95
9780854128488Portraits, A Month in the Life of the Salvation ArmyLe Feuvre, Cathy; Ruthven, Leanne$37.98
9780980569582Prayer the Communication of Love $12.99
9780854127665Purity of HeartBooth, William$8.95
9781576839324Pursuit of HolinessBridges, Jerry$16.99
9781597898478Race to the AltarBenrey, Ron; Clover, Gloria; Malby, Becky & Wienke, Cathy; Sattler, Gail$8.97
9780830760602Raising a Soul SurferHamilton, Cheri; Bundschuh, Rick$16.50
9780854127962Rapture, TheLayton, Phil$12.95
9780991921300Recall! – The Anatomy of RevivalGoodridge, Donald V$19.99
1590521862Right with GodMehl, Ron$13.99
9781946709004Sacramental Journey of the Salvation Army, TheRightmire, R. David$23.95
9780987431714Salvation SoldieryBooth, William$16.95
9780980741001Samuel Logan Brengle: Heart for GodBrengle, Samuel Logan$9.75
9780865440067Samuel Logan Brengle:Portrait of ProphetW. Hall, Clarence$9.75
9781593105860San FranciscoBillerbeck, Kristin$14.99
9780970487094Sanctified SanityRightmire, R. David$14.50
9781869205782Skateboards Scooters and ScriptureMcFarlane, Anne$12.99
9780787949808Small Strong CongregationsCallahan, Kennon L.$33.50
9780854129119Something BetterClifton, Shaw$16.99
9780802482518Spiritual DiscipleshipSanders, J. Oswald$21.25
9780865440500Stay the CourseMiller III, Andy$9.95
9780824958435Story of the Bible, TheIdeals Publications$16.99
9780310282921Tactics – A Gameplan for Discussing You Christian ConvictionsKoukl, Gregory$15.99
9781400071081Tactics – Securing the Victory in Every Young Man’s BattleStoeker, Fred$16.99
1586605771The Church Case ScenarioBickel, Bruce; Jantz, Stan$15.99
9781612910802The Message Solo – Devotional for New BelieversPeterson, Eugene$8.99
9781617479618The Message: Solo – New Testament DevotionalPeterson, Eugene$10.99
9780888570918The Salvation Army in NewfoundlandMoyles, Robert G.$10.00
9780784714744Through the Bible DevotionsLittleton, Mark$17.99
9780854129409To Seize This Day of SalvationRader, Paul A.; Rader, Kay F. $19.99
9781595540409TrackersMackel, Kathryn$16.50
9780996847322Triumphant FaithHolz, Ron$31.95
9780991343911Tsunami of the Spirit Come Roll Over MeNoland, Joe; Court, Stephen$12.99
1590524500Turn: Remembering Our FoundationsLucado, Max$17.99
9780854127641Unsung HeroesElvin, Derek$12.95
9780991343997War on Two Fronts – William Booth’s Theology of RedemptionGreen,Roger J.$7.95
9780854127993What and Why We BelieveDean, Harry$10.95
9780979226694William Booth in AmericaMoyles, Robert G.$12.99
9781178388145William Booth, General of the Salvation ArmyTucker, Booth$21.75
9781602602830Wisdom of SolomonBrunstetter, Wanda E.; Smouse, Phil A.$16.97
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