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    The well-known words of Agnes Heathcote have recently been put to a new melody by Andrew Blyth which is published in Sing to the Lord (Volume 21 Part 1). This song serves as the basis for this arrangement with the original melody interwoven throughout. The words of the song speak of God’s call on our lives to follow Him. Sometimes it may be hard for us to honour that calling, but we know the joy and inner peace we can have if we dedicate and commit ourselves to following Him. It is hoped that the music will help the listener reflect on the strength and commitment of their own personal journey in following Christ.


    Ian Feltwell is a fourth generation Salvationist who was born and raised in the Midlands, UK.
    Despite growing up in a very musical family, Ian has had no formal musical training and came to composing relatively late in life. His first published band piece, Reasons Why, was released in 2007. Since then, he has contributed regularly to the various Salvation Army publications for both band and vocal. This is his first contribution to the Maple Leaf Brass journal.
    Ian is married to Anne and has two children. He is currently the songster leader at his home corps, Nuneaton Citadel.