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    Based on the familiar Salvation Army song (S.A.S.B. 873), O That Place! was written for the Territorial Music School in the Netherlands in 2003. It features the tune Where I Love to Be (T.B. 454), combining a Latin and swing style where horns and baritone have a prominent role.

    Jesus is my Saviour, this I know,
    He has given peace to my heart.
    When my soul was burdened,
    Filled full of woe,
    Seeking from my sin to part,
    Graciously He heard me when I prayed,
    Drew me to His riven side,
    There by faith I washed, and so was saved,
    His blood was there applied.
    O that’s the place where I love to be,
    For mighty wonders there I see.
    Would you be blest? Then tarry with me
    At the cross of Jesus.


    Throughout the piece, pay close attention to the written articulation to achieve the correct style. The Latin section should not be rushed. The swing section should always be played with lots of energy. Ensure there is a large contrast between articulated and sostenuto styles. A light approach is necessary at letter C to allow it to sound very playful. Basses should imitate an upright bass with a light but well-articulated style.


    Olaf Ritman is a Salvationist from the Netherlands. He grew up in a Salvation Army family with Salvationist parents and grandparents. His father and grandfather were active bandmasters in several corps. He started playing the cornet at the age of 10 and began learning the piano soon after. From a young age, Olaf developed an interest in composing and conducting. At the age of 22, he took up the baton to become bandmaster at his home corps.
    Presently, Olaf is the bandmaster of the Amsterdam Staff Band. He first joined the band on solo cornet in 2000 and became the deputy bandmaster in 2006. In 2009, he accepted his position as staff bandmaster and joined a distinguished array of musical directors that helped build the Netherland’s fine brass band tradition, including musicians such as Bernard Verkaaik, Fokke Palstra, Cor Nieuwland, Dick Krommenhoek and Howard Evans.
    Olaf is an Information Technology teacher at a vocational school in Ede, Netherlands.
    He soldiers at the Valleistreek corps along with his wife, Marleen and their two children, Julian and Meike.