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    This arrangement was written at the request of Major Bernard Wyttenbach, a retired Salvation Army officer from Switzerland, who wanted this beautiful chorus to be arranged in a way that could be used to accompany congregational singing.




    Yves Ramel is a third-generation Salvationist from Switzerland. At the age of eight, he started learning to play the pocket trumpet. He became a member of the senior band at the Renens corps alongside his father and three older brothers. At age 15, he became bandmaster of the senior band, a position he held for two years before he entered the music conservatory in Lausanne to study trumpet and music composition. During this time, he moved to the Lausanne corps and started to serve as the deputy bandmaster and deputy songster leader. In 2007, Yves moved to Zurich and started playing in the band at Zurich Central Hall where he eventually took up the position of deputy bandmaster. Since 2001, he has been an active member of Brass of Praise which is the national brass band of the Salvation Army in Switzerland. In addition, he has enjoyed time spent at several music camps over the years as a guest conductor.
    Yves is married to Lilian and has three daughters: Naomie, Anaëlle and Éloyse. They worship at the Umiken corps where Yves plays the piano. Yves works as a sales representative in the field of safety of people and protection of the environment. This is his first contribution to the Maple Leaf Brass journal.

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