Catherine Booth: A Biography of the Cofounder of the Salvation Army


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    Catherine Booth: A Biography of the Cofounder of The Salvation Army is the story of a woman of the nineteenth century who helped change her world.

    As wife and partner of William Booth, Catherine became a driving force behind the founding and leading of The Salvation Army. Foremost in her heart was the desire to bring souls to a saving knowledge of Christ. Despite criticism from her peers, she believed intensely that she should preach to the people the straightforward message of salvation.

    Catherine Booth’s views were ahead of her time. She had firm convictions on a broad range of issues such as social advocacy among the poor, abstinence from alcohol, vegetarianism, the humane treatment of animals, and the legal age of consent for girls. On Christian doctrine, she believed in entire sanctification as taught in the Wesleyan doctrine of holiness. Perhaps most radical was her belief that women had full equality with men in ministry.

    Roger Green paints a fair and accurate portrait of Catherine as a woman who worked tirelessly to serve others and lived her life with unreserved devotion to God.

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