Pedagogues, pupils, and pilgrims alike have characterized the Holy Land as the "Fifth Gospel." For the believer, a trip to Eretz Israel ("The Land of Israel") is indeed a journey of biblical proportions. It is at once and extraordinary excursion into the past and a contemporary pilgrimage of the human soul. Ancient biblical sites persist in revealing sacred truths to all who would pause and listen. The Stones Cry Out graphically describes the salient sites mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and other books of the Old and New Testaments. Through the marvel of the author's color photography and penetrating narrative, the page-turning pilgrim vicariously visits these timeless locations.

The Stones Cry Out stands out among other works of its genre. Lt. Colonel William W. Francis has not only produced a scholarly amalgam of assiduous research and on-site observation, but has also provided a unique categorization of Jesus parables and miracles by location, as opposed to the conventional chronological arrangement.

Although the author has deliberately chosen sites whose authenticity is supported by archaeological evidence and respected scholarship, the precise location of some sites remains subject to conjecture. The reader is nonetheless convinced that the momentous events that took place in each location occurred as recorded in the scriptures. While speculation will always remain regarding the exact location of events in the life of Jesus, the land and setting - the very stones - cry out the abiding truth that He lived, died and rose from the dead!

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