First Things First provides 16 elementary pieces for a four-part ensemble. The music is varied in genre and offers a superb resource for those musicians at an early stage of development.
  1. Alleluia
  2. Bind Us Together
  3. Deep and Wide
  4. God is Good
  5. Great Big God!
  6. Harvest Gifts
  7. I Love You, Lord
  8. Jesus Loves Me
  9. My God is so Big
  10. Rachie
  11. Rise and Shine!
  12. Rocking Carol
  13. Soften my Heart
  14. Thank You, Father!
  15. Walk With The Lord
  16. Wonderful Love

    The scoring is as follows:
  • Soprano: 1st Cornet Bb, Part I in C
  • Alto: 2nd Cornet Bb, 1st Horn Eb, Part II in F
  • Tenor: 2nd Horn Eb, Baritone or Trombone in Bb, Part III in F, Part III in C
  • Bass: Bass Eb, Bass Bb, Part IV in C

The full score does not contain all the instrumentation shown above, but only includes the Bb and Eb pitches instruments and Percussion.

In addition to the pieces there are basic exercises, musical terms and symbols which can be found at the back of each book. These are also included in the score.

It is hoped that First Things First will provide a useful resource that will become a stepping stone in the musical development of many musicians.

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