Empress of Ireland

Over a million Canadians can trace their roots to a passenger who arrived here aboard the RMS Empress of Ireland. With these special stamps and collectibles, we honour the memory of those whose lives were lost or forever changed when the Empress sank in the St. Lawrence River on May 29, 1914.

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RMS Empress of Ireland

Pride of the Canadian Pacific's Atlantic Fleet When we think of a major marine disaster, the Titanic usually springs to mind. Yet a mere two years...
RMS Empress of Ireland $35.00  $29.95
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Souvenir Sheet - International

The Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary issue includes two stamps - a Permanent(TM) domestic-rate stamp of the bow of the ship, and an...
Souvenir Sheet - International $2.50


Special Pane

This gummed special pane features sixteen domestic-rate stamps plus four unique tabs - each tab providing a glimpse into life on board the Empress....
Special Pane $13.60


Till We Meet Again - The Sinking of the Empress of Ireland

Till We Meet Again is the story of Canada's worst marine disaster, the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. Here is the story told in graphic detail...
Till We Meet Again - The Sinking of the Empress of Ireland $6.95


Uncut Press Sheet

Twelve international-rate souvenir sheets are set against a backdrop of the Empress of Ireland docked in Quebec City, circa 1910. The names of the...
Uncut Press Sheet $30.00