by Kenneth Smith

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Based on the hymn tune Rutherford, the music is here associated with the words found in Salvation Army Songbook No. 736 (see inside cover). The verses speak of the confidence that comes through the Christian’s quiet trust in God, in response to the promise found in Isaiah 30:15 – “In quietness and trust is your strength.”

The music seeks to portray the journey through which the believer comes to ultimate faith in God as expressed in the words of the song. The opening statement comes from the penultimate line of the melody (“But God is round about me”), heard first in the cornets and then the trombones. The music then moves into various moods as it expresses a lifetime of spiritual experiences, including the first hints of doubt and uncertainty just before letter A. Verse one is then introduced in the minor mode before resolving to more traditional harmonies. An extended bridge at B returns to an earlier introductory theme, leading to more moments of hesitation and tentativeness as expressed by the cornets at C. But these are soon overcome, as demonstrated by the buoyant optimism of the euphonium leading into verse two (“Wherever he may lead me, no want shall turn me back”). As the music moves forward, the opening motif is reprised at letter F, leading in turn to the triumphant reassurance of verse three and the ultimate expression of faith found in the concluding statement, “My Saviour has my treasure and he will walk with me.” The music then comes to a calm and quiet resolution expressive of the new-found peace and confidence in the life of the believer.

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MLB18 In Quiet Confidence

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