by David Rowsell

Level of difficulty: Moderate

From the Spanish meaning “always cheerful (happy),” this music is written in Latin American style. It features two songs in keeping with this theme, Always Cheerful and Let Us Raise Our Cheerful Voices.

In keeping with the style, keep the music lively and rhythmic, ensuring a relaxed feel. This is fun music! In addition to the instruments indicated, the percussion section can be liberal with the use of various others of the Latin American variety. This will add greatly to the overall presentation and make the music more enjoyable for players and listeners alike.

Both of these songs trace their origins to the earliest days of The Salvation Army and were published as children’s songs in the early 1900s, subsequently finding their way into early incarnations of the songbook. Though neither of them are in the current 1986 version, their words would have been well known to previous generations of Salvationists.

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