From the Introduction:What are the basic beliefs of The Salvation Army? What is its history? What are its activities? What place does it have amongst the churches of the world? What does it truly mean to be a Salvationist?

These and other have been answered in this brief manual. There have been, however, many questions raised. For example, what would happen to Christianity if the Bible were to be suddenly taken away? How does the kind of god people worship affect them? Why do you suppose God wanted Jesus to come into this world in human form? What is the difference between mistakes and sins? What do we mean by the term "born again"? Why do you suppose there are so many denominations today? What does the name "The Salvation Army" really mean?

Between the questions answered and the questions raised , there should be some interesting and informative classes during the weeks to come. All recruits are welcomed to this course which is designed to stimulate your thinking and give you opportunity to ask questions and, with other members of the class, to "think through" on many interesting and important subjects.

You will note that unless otherwise indicated, all Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments have been taken from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible - this is the case in both the instructors' and the students' books.

The lesson content in both books is the same, but additional information and extra material have been included in the instructors' books, and these pages have been identified by numbers and letters.

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