John Larsson was world leader of The Salvation Army from 2002 until 2006. It was the culmination of a lifetime of service as a Salvation Army officer given in the United Kingdom, South America, New Zealand and Sweden, as well as in influential appointments at the movement's international headquarters in London. He is the author of a number of books, a widely published composer of music, and the co-writer of 10 musicals.

'My ministry as a Salvation Army officer has been central to my life for nearly 50 years,' he says. 'but I have not wanted this account of my life to be just an extended version of my officer service record.'

'So in these pages I tell the story of the musicals and my other writings, tell of the precious ones the Lord has given me, and tell of my love for music and yearning for wild nature. I also touch on events in Salvation Army history that I have lived through or with which I am in some way linked. In addition I leave the door ajar to the hinterland of heart, mind and spirit where I find my inspiration, and also share something of the deep convictions which have become the passions of my life.

'Life for me has been a quest, a continual and often exhilarating exploration that has led to great and often unexpected discoveries along the way. From my earliest days I seem to have grasped intuitively that they key to abundant living is to say yes to God and yes to all that is good in my life. If I dare call this account Saying Yes to Life it is not because I have always succeeded, but because saying yes to life has been my aim.'

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