Since 1998 Hallelujah Choruses has proven to be an excellent resource for contemporary praise and worship songs. In recent editions song lyrics have been included at the top of the conductor's score. To insure flexibility and usefulness, the instrumental series is produced with a variety of transpositions as well as optional percussion, piano, bass guitar and electric guitar. All arrangements can be performed with a minimum of five instruments, but it is essential for the conductor to carefully assign the parts to ensure proper balance.
  1. Worship the Lord
  2. Everlasting Hope
  3. He is Able
  4. Here I Am
  5. There is a Redeemer
  6. I Want to Sing It
  7. Spirit of God Descend
  8. We're All Seeking the Same Savior
  9. Sing and Make Music
  10. The Light Has Come
  11. Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praise
  12. Lord, Make Calvary Real to Me
  13. Majesty
  14. In His Presence
  15. Father We Love You
  16. Psalm 51
  17. How Majestic is Your Name!
  18. At Thy Feet I Bow Adoring
  19. I Exalt Thee
  20. Psalm 9
  21. Great is the Lord
  22. Seekers of Your Heart
  23. Such Love
  24. Lord, You Know That We Love You!
  25. Hosanna! Hosanna!
  26. Into Your Presence
  27. What the Lord Has Done for Me
  28. Bless His Holy Name
  29. Psalm 103
  30. All That I Am
  31. You Are Lord
  32. He Leadeth Me
  33. I'll Not Turn Back
  34. I Will Praise You
  35. In the Secret of Thy Presence
  36. The Candle of the Lord
  37. The Majesty and Glory of Your Name
  38. Bring Forth the Royal Robe
  39. Raise Up An Army
  40. Go Forth
  41. Your Name is Like Jesus
  42. Step By Step
  43. Just One
  44. Be Still
  45. While We are Waiting, Come
  46. I Love to Praise Him
  47. As the Deer
  48. God So Loved the World
  49. Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
  50. I Will Bless the Lord
  51. Come Into His Presence
  52. When I Remember That He Died for Me
  53. We Believe in God
  54. In Moments Like These
  55. Give Thanks
  56. Ha-La-La-La-La
  57. Open My Eyes
  58. Praise You
  59. Holy Ground
  60. Psalm 19
  61. Crown Him King of Kings
  62. When God Comes Near
  63. Celebrate Jesus
  64. The Pathway of Duty
  65. God Will Make a Way
  66. The Power of Your Love
  67. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
  68. Just Let Me Say
  69. Psalm 91
  70. Great Are You, Lord
  71. Power in the Blood
  72. Emmanuel
  73. He is Exalted
  74. He's Over Over Me
  75. Jesus, Now More Than Ever
  76. Shout to the Lord
  77. Change My Heart, O God
  78. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
  79. God in You, God in Me
  80. There is Victory Through My Jesus
  81. O God of Burning, Cleansing Flame
  82. Jesus, Name Above All Names
  83. Spirit Song
  84. Holy Are You, Lord
  85. The Name of the Lord
  86. We Are Marching in the Light of God
  87. Passion
  88. Forever My Friend
  89. Knowing You
  90. The Spirit of the Lord
  91. Fan the Flame in Me
  92. I'm Gonna Praise the Lord!
  93. Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea)
  94. Lamb of God
  95. God is Here!
  96. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
  97. Nothing but Thy Blood
  98. Shine, Jesus, Shine!
  99. Psalm 139

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