The History of the Salvation Army V9 1995-2015



This publication has been written by General Shaw Clifton, LLB, BD, PhD, AKC who was elected world leader of The Salvation Army in 2006 and entered retirement in 2011.

In this, his eleventh book, he paints a graphic picture of the global ministry of the Army from 1995 to 2015. It is the ninth volume of the official history of the religious body founded in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth. This hardback book comprises more than 600 pages of text, plus in excess of 100 colour photographs.

Constantly growing in numerical strength and in its geographical presence, The Salvation Army has continued to meet human need on every continent while also functioning as a worldwide evangelical church. This ninth volume of its official history tells of countless initiatives to reach the needy, of bold responses to natural and other disasters, and of the Christian motivation at the heart of every Salvationist endeavour. Each Chapter carries the reader through another year of outreach undertaken by ordinary but deeply committed people. They do not always meet with unmitigated success, but they never give up!

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