Holy Life Series



Samuel L.Brengle's
Holy Life Series

This classic set comprises the complete works of Samuel L.Brengle, one of the greatest nineteenth-century minds on holiness. It contains all nine of his original books into six unabridged volumes, each lovingly edited for modern readership by popular author (and long-time Brengle devotee) Bob Hostetler. Brengle's authentic voice remains strong, now able to more relevantly engage today's disciples. This collection is a most-have for all who would seriously pursue and understand the depths of holiness.

  • Helps to Holiness: a straightforward look at entire sanctification

  • The Heart of Holiness: a combination of two studies on holiness - Heart Talks on Holiness and The Way of Holiness.

  • The Servant's Heart: a combination of two works - The Soul-Winner's Secret (evangelism advise) and Love Slaves (Spirit-empowered, loving servanthood).

  • Ancient Prophets and Modern Problems: sage advice from Brengle's later years.

  • Come Holy Guest: a combination of two studies on Holy Spirit - Guest of the Soul and When the Holy Ghost is Come.

  • Resurrection Life and Power: a look at holiness empowered by Jesus' death and resurrection.

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