Worship songs and choruses arranged in a contemporary style.

Each song is published in melody/lyrics format. Chord symbols have been provided above the melody to accommodate a variety of keyboard and string accompaniments. (Piano, accordion, guitar, etc). This chord symbols are self-explanatory (i.e., F, G7, etc.), however a slash (/) may be used to denote inversions or more complex harmonies. In such cases the symbol preceding the slash identifies the basis chord, while the symbol following the slash indicates the bass note of that chord.

  • 231 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
  • 232 Ancient of Days
  • 233 Christ the Lord is risen today
  • 234 Beneath the Cross
  • 235 I know a fount
  • 236 Lord, I need you
  • 237 Cornerstone
  • 238 O great God
  • 239 Fountain/Doxology
  • 240 Here in the stable
  • Index A: Key and Tempo
  • Index B: Scripture References
  • Index C: Copyright Listings

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