The Christmas Season is filled with a myriad of traditions, memories and emotions. Gift giving and receiving as well as the reminder and celebration of God's gift to the world, are central to the Christmas experience.

For many, music has a place in the tradition that triggers the senses with warmth that is sentimental but, more importantly, meaningful.

The Christmas issue of the American Band Journal offers something special each year to the musicians playing the music and the listeners receiving the music. The aim is to provide something fresh and new and yet steeped in tradition.

The USA Eastern Music Department hopes that the arrangements in this issue will prove to be useful. The music is accessible to many players and bands and is varied in style and mood.

We are grateful to the composers who have contributed their music. We welcome Roger Trigg, an Australian now living in Northern Ireland, as a contributor and also thank Stephen Bulla, David Rowsell and Nick Simmons-Smith for their continued support of the American Band Journal.

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