Grade Level 1

Year: 2019

Composer: James Curnow


Program Notes:

James Mountain (1844-1933) of Leeds, Yorkshire, England, was a well-known pastor, poet, and composer. He wrote many songs and hymns designed to be used while he conducted evangelism campaigns worldwide.


His hymn, “None of Self,” presents a strong and viable message of spiritual growth for all who seek Him. Each verse dwells on a separate spiritual truth designed to help us progress toward a stronger relationship with Christ:


All of self and none of Thee (verse 1)

Some of self and some of Thee (verse 2)

Less of self and more of Thee (verse 3)

None of self and all of Thee (verse 4)


The title for this setting is found in verse 4:


Higher than the highest heaven,

Deeper than the deepest sea,

Lord, Thy love at last had conquered;

Grant me now my spirit’s longing:

None of self and all of Thee!


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