The American Instrumental Ensemble Series offers practical, playable arrangements for the full gamut of brass combinations - from small brass ensembles to brass bands - with complete instrumentation.

Each annual edition comes with 16 fresh, contemporary arrangements written at four specifically graded levels. With four carefully defined levels of difficulty, music directors have a valuable tool for the selection of music appropriate for the abilities of their group - from developing first-year combinations to the most advanced ensembles.

While this music is primarily intended for worship and evangelistic service, it is also appropriate for concerts and educational use. Each arrangement includes a well-known hymn tune or gospel song that is clearly presented, allowing the import of the hymn and song texts to provide an unambiguous gospel message.

  • Sold by individual title.
  • All scores are full scores.
  • Each score contains a keyboard/condensed score for study.
  • A keyboard/condensed score/part is included for piano/organ.
  • Percussion and euphonium parts appear on the score but may be treated as optional.
  • Each measure is numbered for easy reference.

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