This arrangement features the worship song Cornerstone, made popular by Hillsong, and incorporates the chorus of the tune Solid Rock (T.B. 446). Since Christ is our solid rock, our worship needs to reflect this truth. There is power in proclaiming this truth corporately. As the band plays the melodies that carry these powerful words, it is hoped that the players and listeners will claim this in their own lives.

Simon Gough is a member of the Music and Gospel Arts department for the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Although his responsibilities have mainly focused on the contemporary genre, Simon has been a part of various corps music groups including band, songsters and worship team. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Simon was the deputy songster leader at the Paramatta Corps and spent 11 years as a member of the Sydney Staff Songsters. Simon attends Mississauga Temple Community Church where he plays in the band. As part of his role with MAGA, he leads NEON, the territorial worship team. Simon is passionate about all expressions of musical worship that glorify, honour and give praise to God. This is his first published band piece.

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