The World of God - Transmission



We hope that the lyrics to these songs make you uncomfortable. We hope you have to press pause and think about what you're hearing. Its not enough to sing about changing the world...It's time to get up and go do it. Forward to the glorious fight of love - THE WORLD OF GOD!

Two CDs:
  • Disk 1
  • Disk 2: Enhanced

    1. The World For God
    2. Love Will Save the Day
    3. Greater Things
    4. Immanuel's Tide
    5. Everlasting Light
    6. Let Justice Roll
    7. Everything
    8. Stand Up
    9. Praise Belongs to You
    10. Spirit of Christ
    11. A Mighty Fortress
    12. Praise His Glorious Name
    13. Soldier's Hymn
    14. Postlude

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