From the Heart - Reflective music by Kenneth Downie



Kenneth Downie writes:
I have hoped for some time that a recording of this nature, of this kind of repertoire, might be possible, for several reasons.

Firstly, this is probably the kind of music that I find most rewarding to write. Most of it springs from the context of worship in my church, The Salvation Army, in which I grew up and in which I continue to worship. Many of my earliest significant musical experiences were gained there. They often acted as catalysts to spiritual experiences. I saw then, and still do now, people's hearts moved by sensitive music, music often associated with beautiful, powerful words, which draws them closer to God. Consequently, I feel that it is very worthwhile investing my time writing music of this kind, and this recording, though not consisting exclusively of sacred music, represents a selection of such repertoire.

Secondly, I have long felt that many people associate brass bands only with bold, brassy, even, dare one say, rather noisy and uncultured sounds. I hope that this recording will demonstrate to those people that bands are capable of beautiful sounds, cultured playing, and great sensitivity. Of course, much depends on the skill of the performers as well as the composers, and I am greatly indebted to my friend Stephen Cobb and The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army for producing performances of such beauty and also of such conviction. I am also greatly moved, as I hope you will be, by the artistry, sensitivity and musical excellence of the three outstanding soloists.

Thirdly, I want my music to reach the heart, just as it comes from my heart. Sadly, there are not many things that I have in common with the great JS Bach and GF Handel, but I do, with them, offer this music to the glory of God. I gladly attach SDG, 'Soli Deo Gloria' to my work, as they often did. This is a disc for reflection, for playing perhaps at the end of a busy day, at a time of quietness, or when seeking quietness. It might also be used at significant moments in a worship meeting or house group, as a basis for meditation. It is also music for relaxation, music to help 'chill out'. For all listeners however, I pray that it will touch your heart.

  1. In the Love of Jesus ęSP&S - William Hammond arr. Downie
  2. Brother James' Air ęKantaramusik - James Bain arr. Downie
  3. Stars of the Morning ęSP&S (from So Glad!, 2010) - Kenneth Downie
  4. Oasis (Cornet Soloist Philip Cobb) ęKantaramusik - Kenneth Downie
  5. Shekinah (from Jubilee, 2003) ęSP&S - Kenneth Downie
  6. Dedication ęSP&S - Kenneth Downie
  7. The Sally Gardens ęKantaramusik (Euphonium Soloist Derick Kane) - Irish Traditional arr. Downie
  8. Silent Vigil ęSP&S (from Jubilee, 2003) - Kenneth Downie
  9. Peace ęKantaramusik (from St. Magnus, 2006) - Kenneth Downie
  10. Myfanwy ęKantaramusik - Joseph Parry arr. Downie
  11. Healing Waters ęKantaramusik (from Golden Slippers, 1998)(Cornet Soloist David Daws) - Kenneth Downie
  12. The Joy of Loving Hearts ęSP&S (from Seize the Day, 2010) - Kenneth Downie
  13. Coming Home! ęKantaramusik - Will Thompson arr. Downie
  14. The Father's Blessing ęSP&S (from St. Magnus, 2006) - Kenneth Downie

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