1. Alice Springs (Allen Pengilly)
  2. Battle Cry (Richard Phillips)
  3. Beyond the Blue (Erik Silfverberg)
  4. Call to Arms (Dean Goffin)
  5. Effervescence (William Himes)
  6. Floods of Joy (Leslie Condon)
  7. Freedom (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  8. Greenford (Leslie Condon)
  9. Hallelujah! (Trevr Davis)
  10. Happy Land, The (Brian Bowen)
  11. Joyful Heart (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  12. Kasangulu (Willy Huguenin)
  13. Maddiston (Peter Graham)
  14. Margate Young People (Andrew Blyth)
  15. Merrily Onward (Albert Jakeway)
  16. Marylebone Young People (Terry Hazell)
  17. Morning Glory (James Anderson)
  18. Music Camp (Erik Silfverberg)
  19. Nicely Saved (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  20. On the March (Philip Catelinet)
  21. Rejoice! (Adam Hall arr Leslie Condon)
  22. Sagina (Charles Skinner)
  23. Sea of Life, The (Terry Camsey)
  24. Stand Up for Jesus (Richard Phillips)

    Hymn Settings:
  1. Accrington (George Crane)
  2. All In the April Evening (Hugh Roberton arr Michael Kenyon)
  3. Bountiful Light (Michael Clack)
  4. Chorus Time No. 1 (Sidney Cox arr Ray Steadman-Allen)
  5. Chorus Time No. 2 (arr Erik Silfverberg)
  6. Chorus Time No. 3 (arr Erik Silfverberg)
  7. Christmas Melodies (Ray Bowes)
  8. Come and Hear! (Thomas Mack)
  9. Crown Him Lord of All (Wilfred Kitching)
  10. Fantasy of Carols, A (Niels Silfverberg)
  11. Hark, How the Watchmen Cry (Charles Skinner)
  12. Harvest Home (Ralph Pearce)
  13. Herals of Salvation (Philip Catelinet)
  14. Jesus, Tender Shepherd (Ray Bowes)
  15. Llanfair (Kenneth Cook)
  16. Lord of Creation (David Catherwood)
  17. Mannheim (Michael Kirk)
  18. March from 'Alceste' (Gluck arr Michael Kenyon)
  19. Mid-Winter (Richard Phillips)
  20. More Like These (Harold Burgmayer)
  21. Peasant Song (Mendelssohn arr Michael Kenyon)
  22. Place for All, A (John Larsson arr Stanley Ditmer)
  23. Song Without Words (Mendelssohn arr Michael Kenyon)
  24. Trumpet Tune (Purcell arr Ray Steadman-Allen)
  25. When He Cometh (Peter Graham)
  26. Wondrous Story, The (Gordon Camsey)
  27. Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Terry Camsey)

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