Published as 14 Parts Scored All in Treble Clef Except Bass Trombone

  • Bognor Regis (L Condon)
  • Camp Arnold (I Bosanko)
  • Down the Street (E Silfverberg)
  • Fakenham Temple (L Condon)
  • Fill the World with Music (E Silfverberg)
  • Glorious Service (B Hingley)
  • God's children (W Himes)
  • Great Things (C Mallett)
  • Hadleigh Castle (R Steadman-Allen)
  • Harlesden (R Bowes)
  • He Lives (N Jones)
  • It's New (J Larsson)
  • Kinshasa (L Condon)
  • Make Jesus King (K Downie)
  • Mountain Camp (D Osgood)
  • Picton Citadel (R Redhead)
  • Schaffhausen (E Herikstad)
  • Soldiers in the Army (T Davis)
  • Southern Skies (F Inglis)
  • Summertime (P Marti)
  • This is the Day (N Jones)
  • Vanguard (N Bearcroft)
  • Westralia (A Pengilly)
  • Young Campaigners (E Silfverberg)

    Hymn Settings:
  • Abends (W J Hopkins)
  • Adoration (The Swiss Paslm arr R Steadman-Alen)
  • Barton (M Kenyon)
  • Beneath the Cross of Jesus (I D Sankey arr P Catelinet)
  • Breath of God (T Davis)
  • Brurning, Burning (J Larsson arr W Himes)
  • Evening Prayer (In the Gloaming) (arr H Davie)
  • Evening Prayer (Humperdink arr M Kenyon)
  • Everybody Ought to Love Jesus (arr R Bowes)
  • Festive Carol, A (P Catelinet)
  • Gems for His Crown (G F Root arr L Condon)
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (N Jones)
  • Hallelujah! Christ Arose (R Steadman-Allen)
  • Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet (arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • He Loves Me, Too (R Bowes)
  • His Love Remains The Same (J Larsson arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • Hornpipe from The Water Music (Handel arr H Burgmayer)
  • I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (M Ozanne)
  • I Love the Saviour's Name (B Bowen)
  • Jesus Is All I Need (H Knutzen arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • Jesus Love Me (J Anderson)
  • Just As I Am (C Skinner)
  • Melcombe (D Greenhorne)
  • O How I Love Jesus (J Curnow)
  • Promies Land (W Broughton)
  • Rondeau (Mouret arr P Graham)
  • St. Antoni Chorale (Attr Haydn arr M Kenyon)
  • St. Catherine (R Cresswell)
  • St. Ethelwald (L Condon)
  • St. Margaret (K Elloway)
  • St. Peter (T Camsey)
  • Saviour, Like A Shepher Lead Us (T Hazell)
  • Sing Hosanna (E Silfverberg)
  • Stella (E Silfverberg)
  • Stracathro (N Bearcroft)
  • Sweet Chariot (K Griffin)
  • Teach Me (E Herikstad)
  • Tell Me The Stories of Jesus (J Clarke arr E Silfverberg)
  • They Shall Come From the East (J Larsson arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • Trumpet Voluntary (Purcell attr to J Clarke arr K Griffin)
  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (H Lemmel arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • When the Glory Gets Into Your Soul (J Larsson arr R Steadman-Allen)
  • Whole World in His Hands, The (J Webb arr M Ozanne)
  • With Gladsome Mind (D Jordan)

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