Salvationist Ethics in a Complex World



As The Salvation Army engages with the complex moral and social issues found in the broader culture, there is an enduring image—the preacher with the Bible in one hand, and a newspaper in the other.

We might say, "Heart to God, Hand to Man."

These ethical issues invite Salvationist engagement. Such issues seem continually under assessment, with swiftly changing perceptions. So, the need for well-researched, timely, and biblical material is important.

What follows are some contemporary ethical issues, with biblical content that reflects an evangelical foundation and a Salvationist world-view.

The template is simple:

  • Context
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Theological Framework
  • Social Outcomes
  • To Discuss
  • Resources

The booklet is designed for small group use. Do not attempt to reach every Bible verse, or unpack every theological paragraph—these are primarily for personal reflection.
Reading some of the Bible verses, reviewing the outline, and opening the discussion for questions will likely be sufficient to fill the hour.

"Salvationists ask what their church thinks about complex social issues," writes Dr. Jim Read, Salvation Army Ethics Center Director. Here is an opportunity for questions and conversation in a safe space.

We do not come with inflexible minds and rehearsed speeches. Nor do we attempt to provide neat, easy answers.

May God bless you.

—Colonel Richard Munn
USA East Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics

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