A Field for Exploits - Training Leaders for the Salvation Army

Burrows, Eva & Court, Stephen


Four times in its history - 1925, 1951, 1974 and 2001 - The Salvation Army organised international training councils which gathered the best leader-trainers from around the world to discuss and learn about the best practice for training leaders in the movement.

After eacg event the presented papers, containing the very best perspectives on training Army leaders, were published for limited circulation. Some of the lectures were representative of their day, while others stand out beyond their era and offer to us lessons relevant to today.

A FIELD FOR EXPLOITS brings together a selection of these lectures - including chapters by Generals Bramwell Booth, Albert Orsborn, Erik Wickberg, Arnold Brown, Eva Burrows and Paul A. Rader - and makes them available to a wider readership for the first time. Each paper has been carefully revised and updated, and reading guides and discussion starters will stimulate debate on a local level.

A special inclusion - Three new leadership chapters by General Evan Burrows(Retired)

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