by Robert Chapman

Lieutenant-Colonel Bob Chapman is a Salvation Army Officer, having served in various capacities in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Following retirement in 1992, he was the Visitation Officer for six years at the Scarborough Citadel Corps in Toronto. He, with his wife, Alvina, now live in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where he is involved in church and community activities. Their daughter, Carolyn with her husband David were directors of Salvation Army Family Services work in Prince Albert for a number of years and have now embarked on a ministry with Foster Children. Their son, Bob Jr., with his wife Ruth, were missionaries in Africa for a number of years and their two children, Ross and Timothy died at ages ten and five with cerebral malaria. In January 2000, Bob and Ruth lost their lives in a plane accident in the Ivory Coast in Africa. There are four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bob is the author of "Windows on the Word" published in 1999 and "In Heavenly Love Abiding" published in 2001.

"Bob Chapman has written this account beginning with William and followed it into the reaches of Canada within his family. His memory and the details provided bring alive the many people and personalities. But his recollections are only part of the story. From my perspective as a great-grandson in the southern USA I know many more stories could be added to fully comprehend the impact of one other branch of the family. That son, Alfred, taught William's values to his children which was reflected in even more lives of service. These values have now been passed down to grandchildren, then to great-grandchildren and now even in officers serving who are his great-great-grandchildren. We together share the "Godly Heritage" which began in that Watchnight Service in Clapton long ago."

- Lt.-Colonel Alfred Ward

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