Phil and Keitha Needham are among our best friends. Their life together is a testimony to the grace, peace, and hope of God. They live well the life that Phil shares in all of his remarkable writings.

  Christ at the Door is his best. It shares well his compassion and wisdom, his thoughtfulness and kindness, and his insights and suggestions. It shares most helpful ways forward for the time and place in which we live.

  We enjoyed the churched culture of an earlier time. The prestige, the prerogatives, the pedestal and the power were relished. We now live in a mission culture. The Christian movement was born in such a culture. This is where we (and especially The Salvation Army!) began, and this is where we are most at home.

  In Christ at the Door Phil shares a most helpful and useful understanding of who we are and whose we are. It is filled with insights, gifts, and blessings for this time. Phil views the whole of the world God gives us. He gives us confidences and assured hope for the present and the future. I am confident Christ at the Door will stir and lead many corps congregations to a new and stronger future. It will endure for years to come. It is a testament to Phil's wisdom, and equally, a testament to the life Phil and Keitha share with one another and with all who are blessed by their gifts.

  May Christ at the Door bless your life, the lives of family and friends, and the Salvationist movement.

— Kennon L. Callahan, Ph.D.,
author, researcher, theologian, pastor