Before Amen - Max Lucado



Prayer is a lifeline, a beacon of hope that we can cling to in life's difficult moments...Lord, please protect my family...God, I need your help to make it through today...Jesus, thank you for your grace...It goes on and on. Prayer is the most necessary and most basic expression of our faith, yet we often struggle to do it. The daily duties of life crowd in, filling our days with activity and we don't communicate with our heavenly Father.
Thankfully, we aren't the first followers of Jesus to struggle with prayer. The disciples did too. In response to their questions, Jesus gives them, and us, a simple, beautiful example to follow. Likewise, in Before Amen, Max Lucado explores the very heart of Biblical prayer by offering distilled, hope-filled prayers that will help you turn your heart towards the One who longs to speak with you.

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