A Guide To Acting On Aids


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A Guide to Acting on AIDS is designed to equip Christian college students with a deeper awareness of the global AIDS pandemic, why their faith should inform their response and how they can put their faith into action. This practical study examines HIV/AIDS through a variety of different disciplines and perspectives, such as the scientific, socioeconomic, political and humanitarian impacts of the disease. Each chapter explores what the Bible says about these issues and what is being done globally to respond. The guide is designed for individuals or for groups and includes discussion questions and proposed action items for the readers. Acting on AIDS is a program started by Christian college students to create awareness and activism of the global AIDS pandemic at colleges and universities across the nation. With the support of World Vision, Christian college students have formed a network of Acting on AIDS chapters which seek to change hearts on campuses, create awareness in communities and advocate for those impacted by the global AIDS pandemic.

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