Core of Christianity

Anderson, Neil

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Bestselling author Neil Anderson (more than 2.5 million books sold) has a passion for the church and a desire to encourage each Christianís personal journey closer to the heart of Jesus and His will. In his new book, Anderson addresses four tendencies that mislead Christians. He offers clear, biblical paths readers can follow to overcome
  • Legalismóby growing in knowledge of Godís truth and practicing grace
  • Liberalismóby respecting authority of Scripture and refuting humanistic deception
  • Spiritismóby using spiritual discernment and resisting popular New Age beliefs and practices
  • False prophetsóby relying on the Holy Spirit and not mistaking giftedness for divine authority

Anderson offers wisdom and direction to bring certainty and focus to a believerís life. Readers will learn to avoid the pitfalls of worldly teachings as they study key verses, find balance between extremes, follow Godís will, and embrace examples of ChristĖcentered living.

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