Others Trade For Hope

OTHERS Trade for Hope

Others products have since been sold in several countries, AND now in Canada! You are amongst the first to experience this wonderful opportunity to help OTHERS!

•Around 1600 people today have an important source of income through our production.
•A name change has happened from SALLY ANN to the new name Others which more explicitly points towards the reason for this initiative.
•In Denmark, OTHERS is a regular supplier of merchandise for major Salvation Army events, and products are also sold online and through volunteer-based sales outlets.
•In the USA, sales through The Army's internal sales networks have now been supplemented with a webshop and an exciting new Home Party concept.
•OTHERS has also supplied materials for major conferences and events in the UK and in other countries.
•The Global coordination of OTHERS is overseen by The Salvation Army's International Headquarters in London, with an administration located in Norway.

In the Canada and Bermuda Territory, Others is being brought to you by the Women’s Ministries Department. Distributed on line with the support of the Supplies and Purchasing Department. Women helping other women and other families, making a difference, giving hope! You will have the opportunity to reach across the world, to Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Moldova, touch lives and make a difference!

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Silver snowflake (small) Now taking pre-orders. Product should be available to ship in September 2019. Product of Pakistan Behind every product from...